My Top 5 Free Places I go to Meet other Moms and Kids

My Top 5 Free Places I go to meet other Moms and Kids

My Top 5 Free Places I go to Meet other Moms

Being a Stay at Home Mom can be Lonely

While I do prefer to be a Stay at Home Mom over working a day job it can feel lonely at times. Sometimes it feels like all I do is clean the house, change diapers, prepare food, clean the kitchen and then start all over again.

Get Out of the House!

I try to get out of the house at least once a day. It gives me and my daughter some much needed space as we live in a small two bedroom apartment and also gives us a chance to meet other moms and other kids. My daughter has had many impromptu play dates with other kids we meet whether it be at a clothing store or at the grocery store. Its fun and if I make a real connection with the other mom we often exchange numbers so that we can plan an official play date in the future.

So Here are My Top 5 Free Places I go to Meet other Moms and Kids

  • Ikea – This place is great to go to when its hot and you want to get out and get some exercise. Its a nice long air conditioned walk with lots of fun furniture and decor to look at and note down for your next decorating or remodeling project. Plus in the kids section there are always families with kids playing with the display toys that you can meet and talk with while the kids play. TIP- If your kids are potty trained you could also let them play in the downstairs play area while you take some personal time to stroll through the display rooms and pick out some new decor for your home.
  • Splash Pad – This one is obviously best in the summer. We have a great splash pad at Tempe Market Place that we go to from time to time here in Arizaona. We go early in the morning during the week so its not too hot and it hasn’t been too busy but there have been just enough kids there for my daughter to make friends and play with and for me to chat with some other moms. TIP – Wear shoes that can get wet and either shorts or a nice summer dress so that you can walk in and out of the splash pad as well to play with your child or cool off your legs.
  • Target – This is probably on many mommy lists. My daughter is still at the stage where she will just touch and play with the toys on the shelves and then puts them back when we leave. (We will see how long that lasts.) I have met many awesome moms and their kids at Target and Emilia loves going their to look at toys and play with new friends. TIP- Be prepared to walk slowly down the isles with your child. If you are rushed then you don’t really get to relax yourself and meet other moms and there may be a tantrum involved…
  • The Park – Another common place to go but sometimes overlooked. Find one near your home that you like and has good shade over the playground. If the parks in your neighborhood don’t seem clean or safe enough go online and find one that you feel comfortable going to, we have a Train Park near where my husband works that has playgrounds in addition to train rides that kids love. TIP – Always bring cold water with electrolytes and a snacks like chilled fruit or PB&J sandwiches to keep you and the kids hydrated and fueled.
  • Outdoor Plaza – We have an outdoor shopping center near us called the Biltmore Plaza Shopping Center. It is a very nice place to go and has several large patches of grass and small fountains throughout. There are always people strolling through and many families with kids. My daughter made several friends with families who were waiting just outside the Apple Store for their appointment to be called. TIP – Bring a blanket and cooler with some snacks and have a relaxed picnic in the grass.

Two Unique Places in Arizona

These are a couple of places here in Arizona that I recently found out about but haven’t tried yet that sound really great but are not free. If you live in AZ and have tried them let me know what you thought about them in the comments below.

The Teapot – This is a family friendly coffee shop that has a front and backyard for kids to play in while the parents relax with some coffee, located in Downtown Phx. There is a 2.00 play fee and you can only consume food and beverages bought in the coffee shop but the pics on the website look totally worth it.

Mini Social – This is an indoor play area for kids and has space for parents to hang out or work on their laptops, located in Scottsdale, AZ. It is 9 dollars for the first child and 7 for additional kids, babies under 6 months are only 5 dollars. They also offer a food menu with parent and child items that include Gluten free and Vegan options. But it does not state if you can bring your own snacks.

If you don’t live in Phoenix but have some similar unique places you like to go hang out at that are kid friendly please list them in the comments bellow so others in your area can check them out.

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