My 3 Minute Makeup Routine

My 3 Minute Makeup RoutineThis post contains affiliate links.

My 3 Minute Makeup Routine

Not Enough Time!

There never seems to be enough time in the morning to get everything done and get everyone out of the door on time. And I find that if I don’t have at least some makeup on then I feel like I look tired and washed out. I don’t wear much makeup but I created my 3 minute makeup routine so that it would be fast but still give me a finished look so that I don’t have attention on how I look when I meet people during the day. For me it gives me a boost of confidence. Plus if we are rushed and I tell my husband that I still need to put my makeup on and it will just be a minute, he doesn’t have to worry and knows it wont be more than 3!

Special Tip!

If you don’t even have 3 minutes in the morning before getting everyone out of the door don’t worry! If you take the items I use in my 3 minute makeup routine into the car, you could even keep a second set of just those items in a small makeup bag in the glove box, then when you arrive to your location, the store, or work, etc., take 3 minutes before letting the kids out of the car to put on your makeup. I have done this many times with my daughter. We park and I pull out my make up and put it on before getting her out of her car seat. She is usually in the middle of playing with her dolls or toys. Amazon has many small makeup bags to pick from and these are only 1.80 a piece. These are around 6 bucks but are super cute as well.

What if I Have a Date or Party that Night?!

My 3 minute makeup routine is a great base to add on more makeup to. If you have a date or party to go to you can just add on additional makeup like bold eyeliner, a stronger blush or a deep red lip.

Dont forget!

Let me know in the comments below if you try this and what makeup tips you have during the morning rush. Also check out my other post on How I Use My Paddle Brush in 5 minutes.

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