My Custom Planner Free Email Course

FREE Bullet Journal Email Course

My Free Bullet Journal Email Course

What’s It All About?

Everyone has their own unique personality and lifestyle and your planner should be just as unique as you. In my free Bullet Journal email course you will learn the basics of how to create your own custom planner to help you organize your schedule and the events and tasks you need to get done. From there you can personalize it even further so that you can plan for success and work toward your goals. Click here to see an overview of what each lesson entails.

Why I Created this Course

When I first came across this concept I started watching a lot of YouTube videos about Bullet Journaling. Ryder Carroll is the inventor of the Bullet Journal and it is very easy to learn. And there are lots of YouTubers who ran with the idea and got really creative with how to use the Bullet Journal concept. Amanda Rach Lee is one of my favorites to watch. So I thought that I would create something for those who didn’t know what a Bullet Journal was or who wanted to try it but were not sure where to start and maybe were overwhelmed with the idea.

My Custom Planner Free Email Course Is Simple

My free Bullet Journal email course is a short 5 day course. Each day you will receive a new email with a video to watch and an easy task to complete that day. You don’t need any fancy materials to do the course, you can use whatever you have in your house to practice. I also show you where I get my supplies that won’t break the bank.

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Let me know in the comments below what your favorite planner is to help you organize your life. And if mornings are a rush for you too check out my other posts on How I Use My Paddle Brush in 5 minutes and My 3 Minute Makeup Routine.

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