Best Grilled Cheese Ever!

Best Grilled Cheese Ever!

Wow! I thought I had tasted awesome grilled cheese sandwiches until my dad came home with a recipe from TJ’s. This is the best Grilled Cheese ever!

This is not my recipe, full credit goes to the staff member at TJ’s that shared it with my dad. All of the ingredients can be purchased at TJ’s. This is not a TJ’s sponsored post but this post does contain affiliate links.

Why So Amazing You Ask?

There are two simple ingredients from TJ’s that I would never have thought about which take this sandwich from “Ok” to “Best Grilled Cheese Ever!” The first is the Trader Joe’s, Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend and the second is the Trader Joe’s Garlic Spread-Dip.

The Magic!

Here is how it works. First you butter your TJ’s Sourdough Sandwich Bread slices on the outside and sprinkle on the Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning. On the inside of one slice of bread spread on the TJ’s Garlic Spread-Dip. The side with the sesame seasoning and butter go down on your hot pan. Place three slices of TJ’s Havarti Cheese on the Garlic Spread and then top with the other slice of Sourdough bread. Flip to brown both sides and ensure the cheese is melted. The sesame seasoning will get a little black and burned but that is okay. It tastes amazing charred!

Don’t Forget the Soup!

I personally love having a bowl of Tomato Soup with my Grilled Cheese Sandwich and in this case I feel it is a must. This sandwich is on the salty side and I found that paring it with the smooth and acidic Tomato Soup created a wonderful balance. We used whatever canned tomato soup my Dad had in the cupboard but I usually like to get the box Tomato Soup at TJ’s.

Until Next Time!

I hope you found the “Best Grilled Cheese Ever” as delicious as I did! Check out last weeks post where I interviewed my friend on her new book. She writes about how to create the French Metabolism to maintain your ideal weight without any restrictive dieting, thank goodness! You might also like my recent post on my Delicious 3 Ingredient Green Smoothie so you can add in some greens with all of that gooey cheesy deliciousness!

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