About Me

My Philosophy

No one is perfect but we can aspire to achieve our best and push beyond; live a life of significance, encourage others to do the same and grant them the beingness to do so; hold high standards and make choices that result in the greatest good for the greatest number but have grace for errors and give a second chance when you can. Share your story with others and who knows who’s life you might impact and how you might change the world. I hope my blog will help inspire others be it with a healthier recipe or a budget friendly DIY or something not yet imagined.

My Story

I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I was extremely shy and pursued art in school but then after high school decided to work for my Church in California in order to help people do better in life, that’s where I met my husband and we were married in 2002. We traveled a lot and had a fulfilling life knowing we were helping others. In 2014 we got pregnant with our daughter and decided to move back to Phoenix where my family is. I started as a Stay at Home Mom but we wanted to move into a big house and grow our family so I started looking for part time work, I tried starting a home based Cake Business but it ended up turning my love for baking into more stress than I cared for so I just bake for friends and family and word of mouth instead of heavily promoting myself to create a main source of income. Then due to health issues that prevented my husband from working I started looking for more full time work. Our schedules fluctuated with our changes in jobs and now, with Michael back in good shape, he works during the week and I work on the weekend. This way we can raise our daughter without having to hire someone else to do it while we are at work, however our income is barely enough to make ends meet and that big house and big family feels unobtainable. Luckily we met a couple who agreed to mentor us so that we can get debt free and financially free and be able to live life, not for  a paycheck, but for our family and for accomplishing something significant in the world.

Meet My Family


I have a wonderful husband, Michael, of almost 17 years now who is my pillar and supports me in all my aspirations, including the wild and crazy ones. We have a smart and beautiful daughter, Emilia Kate, who we love growing with and who makes us laugh, cry and drop our jaws in amazement. She inspires us to help make this world a better one.

Next Step….

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